Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is located?

On the world wide web of course!

The purpose of this site is not to generate visits to a dealership... It's to promote and educate the truck camper lifestyle.

Do you want to visit Palomino RV? We can help with that!

Do you want to see these coaches at a dealership? We can help with that too!

Simply fill out an information request form with your e-mail and a good phone number.


Towing with a Truck Camper

Can I tow my boat with this camper on my truck?

Check out this video!

Yes, most trucks can tow a boat behind a truck and camper.

The limitations will be:

1. What is your G.C.W.R. for your truck?

2. What is the total weight of your truck with the camper loaded, and what is the weight of your boat.

The total weight of your entire "RIG" can not excede the G.C.W.R. of your truck.


Truck Recommendations and Payload Capacity

How do I choose a truck for truck camping?

Here is a great article about choosing a truck by Gordon White of Truck Camper Magazine.


How do I calculate my payload capacity?

Here is an excellent article from