Truck Bed Liners

What kind of truck bed liner works best with a truck camper? What doesn't work? Find out our recommendations here!

Top Recomendations:

Spray-in Liner

While this is the most expensive option, it is also the best protection for your bed and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Rubber Mat

This inexpensive option reduces slippage and protects the paint in your truck bed. A rubber mat can also be overlayed on top of an otherwise slippery plastic or fiberglass liner.

Recommended with Reservations:


Naked and beds have gone together for centuries, but there are serious drawbacks to this combo (especially scratching). Do not read too much into this.

Not Recommended:

Fiberglass/Plastic Liners

Truck dealers often include these liners for free with their trucks, but there are two great reasons not to keep them. When water does get trapped in between the plastic liner and metal of your truck rust can form. These liners are also very slippery and increase the likelyhood of your truck camper shifting around.